About Me

I do things a bit differently, and my clients like it that way!


Solopreneur with a Team!

Yes, I'm a one woman band, but I'm certainly not alone.  My clients play an active role in the planning and testing of their websites.  Good communication is a key ingredient of any project.  By offering input throughout the project, my clients are an integral part of the team!

My normal office hours are:

Monday - Thursday:  10am - 3pm

I don't work weekends. 🙂  Read My Story and you'll understand why.

My Story

Are you wondering how Prospera Unlimited came about?  Read on!  Here's the story of how a gal thoroughly ensconced in the world of corporate IT became a happy, healthy solopreneur

My story is probably like others you’ve heard. In my case, I lost my job and the life I knew in the corporate world due to an unforeseen and unexpected health crisis.

Challenge #1:  The corporate job I'd had and the support of like-minded techie people was gone, at least for the time being.  Knowing it would be easy to slip into self-pity and despair, I consciously turned my thoughts to other things to take my mind off my own troubles. One of the things that first crossed my mind was an admonition from my Mom – “if you think you’ve got it bad, just look around, you’ll find someone who is in worse shape than you are.” She was right!

As I saw it there were two choices -- either wallow in self-pity or deal with the situation at hand, recover from this unexpected life event, and get back into the corporate IT game!  I loved that life and was eager to get back to it.

Challenge #2:  Then my healthcare team told me that in addition to a longer than anticipated recovery I could never return to my previous career in the corporate world.  I wondered “what will I do?”  Climbing the corporate ladder, and reveling in the achievement of challenges and the realization of corporate goals was no longer possible for me.

Accepting the fact that a full-time, corporate career was no longer an option left me with two more choices -- give up, or find another career.  While casting about for a new direction I realized helping others had always been very gratifying for me.  Why not put all those years of experience in the corporate world to good use by helping others? 

Because I have always admired small business people and the contribution they make to our economy, it seemed only natural to turn my efforts in that direction.  The knowledge I’d accumulated through many years of corporate life could help others:  launch their own small businesses, organize their goals, plan projects, manage their finances, create a small business website,  and ultimately live a life of freedom and passion.

Challenge #3:  Prospera Unlimited was founded as an act of faith. It is a labor of love, and a monument of faith and hope for others, who like me, have reached a turning point in their lives and are reaching for something more.  Prospera, by the way, is the Latin word for prosperity.  That's what I want for myself and my clients!

For me, the road to personal freedom and a life well lived is to be found in this small business – a business that reaches out to the individual, the small business person and entrepreneur, with help and hope.

Challenge #4:  Freedom lives in the dreams of people like you, the entrepreneur and small business person, and Prospera Unlimited is here to applaud your purpose, and help you plan your business, your website, your success, and your prosperity.  In other words, to help you dream, plan, and succeed!  That's the Everyday Challenge around here!  Come on board and be a part of it.

Come back to my site often, for encouragement and inspiration. If you become a client, you’ll also be able to take advantage of special "clients only" education and training. Most of all – believe in yourself and push forward to realize your full potential and fulfill your purpose!

~Georgia J. Butterfield
Founder, Prospera Unlimited, LLC